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Bridge Architect is a challenging puzzle game, in which the player must plan and design bridges to let various vehicles reach destination. On any given level, a different set and number of materials is available to the player. Building materials consist of various types of girders, ropes and prefabricated concrete parts. That, in conjunction with a precise drawing grid, opens up the way to a lot of bridge structures and building fun.

Levels can be replayed at different difficulties ranging from easy to hard, this is what gives the game a replay value. Beating a level with a higher difficulty gives more points to challenge the first place with other players on the online leaderboards.

Interface was developed to facilitate drawing of the building elements, despite limited dimensions of the smartphones display. One of most important features is "Magnetic hook", that helps to attach the element that is being drawn, with an existing anchor point.

Additionally it includes various unique features:

- Pen-style drawing mode: allows to smoothly draw many building elements at once with a single gesture.

- "Stop motion" option: simulation automatically stops whenever a bridge element collapses.

- Drawing colors customization: enables to choose the preferred colors for the drawing interface.


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Bridge Architect Trailer

New drawing mode presentation